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Artemisia Consultancy & Engineering

Welcome to Artemisia Conseil & Bureau d'Etudes, an engineering consultancy specializing in Energy and Healthcare Areas.

We are honoured to support you on your path to achieving your goals and to finding solutions together with success for;

  • Complying with timelines when you have a busy schedule,

  • Getting you Know-How on markets and products,

  • Growing your company with global expertise,

  • Saving time while reaching the targets of your company.

We believe that success comes with;



“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Napoleon Hill


  • Timing is the most important parameter. We support you to have a good planning and stick to the schedule precisely.

  • Sustainability is one of the keys since there are many steps to go in the related market.

  • Good teamwork comes from sharing information openly. We share our global experience, to support you to deal with the technical challenges and to be in the market in an accurate and efficient way.

  • Clarity is important on what we are expressing in order to make people understand. Focusing on the main fact and expressing it clearly is mandatory in order to have a good communication. We clarify things by simplifying the main topics as well as the details.

  • Empathy is one of our keys for a good collaboration. Understanding people and staying positive is always a plus when it comes to communicating. It is actually a sign of showing how much we care and respect our work.

  • We take responsibility because our job is to find the solutions for the people and guide them.

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